What is an example of a local market?

Typically, businesses that have a physical store in their community use local marketing, such as restaurants, bars, spas, doctor's offices and chiropractors. These 10 brands offer great examples of how to achieve localized marketing and show why doing it right in an expert way improves a brand's position in target markets.

What is an example of a local market?

Typically, businesses that have a physical store in their community use local marketing, such as restaurants, bars, spas, doctor's offices and chiropractors. These 10 brands offer great examples of how to achieve localized marketing and show why doing it right in an expert way improves a brand's position in target markets. KFC established a cultural connection that impacted its target market with the help of influencer marketing. While focusing on a limited-edition offering, the team was able to demonstrate their understanding of different audiences and what attracts them to their product.

After extensive market research to attract modern shoppers in Amsterdam, H&M launched a localized marketing campaign that reflected the wishes of its regional consumers. Focusing on the interests and lifestyle habits of its local audience in Amsterdam, H&M was able to access a new market offering solutions to their environmental concerns. Campaign strategist Diederik Luger commented: “A change in culture is taking place. Wishes, but also values, have changed.

With this campaign, we want to demonstrate that H&M listens to its environment locally and is open to change. One way Netflix remains relevant to a global audience is to offer viewers options and preferences that are significantly influenced by where in the world they are. These two videos show the small but powerful impact of shaping content by focusing on “likes” and viewing habits specific to an audience's location. Having localized content that adapts to specific regions allows consumers to feel understood by this brand.

By using information to understand cultural influences, interests and entertainment trends, Netflix does its part to keep up with changing local market preferences. This sportswear brand is truly global, but it still manages to reach 170 countries with local marketing strategies that reach their homes. With the city as a backdrop, the Nike team appealed to New York players with its “Own the Floor” campaign, which personified the essence of what it means to live in a city that is a big stage. Nike — Own The Floor by Ben Dean on Vimeo.

Although Nike is known for its dazzling celebrity endorsements, the team took another direction with this location marketing announcement. He combined local talent with classic New York locations, such as subway platforms, pizzerias and laundromats. The result? He showed his target audience places they recognize to demonstrate an understanding of their lifestyle and deepen the feeling of connection. Swedish-based alternative milk company, Oatly, knows how to adapt to its diverse markets around the world with a simple but practical localized marketing strategy that speaks your language.

Oatly was able to stay true to its European roots without alienating other markets that speak or understand English. By offering the series in two languages, they were able to boost their digital marketing strategy to reach the target audience locally and globally. This digital marketing strategy highlights Vogue's commitment to ensuring that its target audience showcases celebrities who are recognizable globally and regionally. From makeup tutorials to their popular series “7 Days, 7 Looks”, they've recruited celebrities from around the world to help them reach their regional target audience.

Ensures that content is not only culturally compatible but also linguistically familiar. Brands that localize their marketing efforts will ultimately be more successful than brands that don't. So, is your brand ready to start local marketing, but could use a little inspiration? We give you 15 examples of brands that show how local marketing is done. Morrisons has already added more than 1000 new products from 240 local suppliers to its assortment.

Is it local marketing? Yes, we see a trend in customers who want to buy locally. Therefore, adapting the product range to consumer demand and the supply of local producers is also a local marketing strategy. The Singaporean company Tiger Beer organized a marketing campaign with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) called Tiger District Bottles; 20 beers with a neighborhood theme. Tiger District bottles bring a local touch to Singapore's favorite local beer, with custom designs with elements that define the culture of each district, designed by local artists.

In addition, STB brought 4 of Tiger District's 20 bottle designs to life through augmented reality technology, telling the stories of 4 districts. A great example of local marketing where a local branch supports the local community. At this Morrisons branch in Southwark, customers can purchase a bag of food for £2, which will be donated to the local Southwark food bank. Another good example of a company that needs marketing at a local store is a retail store.

While even small retail operations today tend to have e-commerce stores, local marketing can increase store visitor traffic and local brand awareness. This is especially important for small boutique-style retail stores that compete with large chains. Frito Lay has used localization marketing to produce advertisements from around the world that highlight what is interesting and popular in local markets. A simple execution of an intelligent social media strategy by delving into the local market to locate and personalize content.

Although the beer brand partners with STB to attract tourism, Singapore's original beer brand has a great passion for showing locals and the world what Singapore is all about by creating this campaign and offering a platform to local artists. Hoping not only to attract new customers, but also to drive repeat business, a successful local marketing campaign allows a store to have a significant presence in the mind maps of local consumers in their communities. Local newspapers, radio commercials, coupon books, movie theaters, and local sponsorships are some of the best ways to promote your brand to local consumers. You can further improve your local SEO statistics by taking advantage of free keyword research tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Trends and Google Search Console, to accurately inform you which local terms you should incorporate.

The brand's marketing strategy gave the team the opportunity to speak directly to their target market with localized content that reflected their interests. For its new store in Penang (Malaysia), IKEA developed a local marketing campaign that celebrates the city's culture through word games. Therefore, Morrisons developed the local food manufacturers campaign to support local communities and offer products from producers who adapt to local food tastes and who make their products within walking distance of Morrisons stores. When it comes to optimizing your digital properties for a local audience, there are a lot of things you can do cheaply or at no cost to your business.

This is also a great way to get coverage in the local press, increasing the chances that a local audience will find you online. Not all traffic is created equal; a local marketing strategy ensures that you're targeting an audience that could sponsor your business. . .

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